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What is Forgotten Sector?
Forgotten Sector is Sci-Fi MMORPG with beautiful world with open space with a lot of features!
Made with power of beautiful game engine Unreal Engine 4!

Be ready for:
-DirectX 12
-Lagging freezing at low spec computer or laptop.
-Throw your computer or laptop out the window because you have 1-20 FPS.
-100 or 1000 hours of playing.
-24H Day and Night cycle.

-Big open world with open space.
-Non taget combat system.
-The biggest customization system.
Customize from skin to mind.
But ok, you can't change your mind.
You don't like human arm? Change it to robotic! But! You can change it back to human arm!
Think about each step!
-Items can craft only engineers! Be ready to have an engineer in your team!
-Would you like to have your own apartment? And change everything there?
-Rank system.
-The game will very hard.

More features are coming...


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We're streaming every day at LiveCodingTv: https://www.livecoding.tv/highspeed039/

Steam Greenlight:

Music will be avaible to hear at our website.

You can Pre-Purchase on our website.

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